Insurance for Older Adults (Seniors)

Medicare Supplements

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  • Prescription Drug Plans

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  • Medicare Advantage

    Dental, Vision, and Hearing

    • Fills in the gaps that Medicare doesn’t cover
    • Separate and combined policies are available

    Final Expense Insurance ($2,000 – $40,000)

    • Guaranteed Issue policies of up to $25,000 each. Regardless of health, you won’t be denied. Coverage won’t ever decrease and the price never increases. But you may have to wait for full coverage to begin.
    • Simplified Issue policies of up to $40,000 with benefits that can be used while you’re still alive. These policies don’t require a physical exam or any blood work. Coverage is permanent and immediate. The price also never increases.
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    Insurance for Working Families and Parents

    Term Insurance ($25,000 – $x million)

    • Large value policies to protect high incomes, mortgages, or other potential losses.
    • Typically less expensive than Whole Life Insurance.
    • Options available with and without Medical Exams and Bloodwork.

    Children’s Insurance ($5,000 – $25,000)

    • An inexpensive way to build cash value that can be used for any reason by the child or parents.
    • Child Whole Life is permanent insurance that guarantees your child’s insureability if an uninsurable condition develops. Coverage can also be increased without having to requalify, up to $250,000.