Medicare Insurance Agent, Dr. Rich Parenti: Call


Here When You Need Us and Not, when you don't.

"I qualified for Life Insurance because Dr. Rich found and was approved immediately!"

-Clara D.

"Dr. P actually stayed on the phone with me while I talked to Medicare to make sure I understood my options and in the end he advised me to stay on my husband's retiree plan! Thank you for being honest!"

Daisy W-M.

"Dr. Parenti didn't come to sell us a plan. He gave us the information we needed. He also stayed after to answer questions and there was no sales pitch! Thank you! We hope you'll come back again!"
-Sr. M. (Mercy Neighbors Senior Center)

"I am glad that I chose Parente Life Company insurance for myself. I am so comfortable with your company. I have found you to be easy to communicate with. You take your time to go over each and every detail of Insurance policy. I have no problem recommending you to family and friends. You are a caring, respectful and understanding person." -Catherine T.

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